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Romulus focuses on building great companies.

With roots at MIT and Harvard, Romulus Capital is young, entrepreneurial, and established. We have a powerful investor base from around the world. Romulus was started by passionate entrepreneurs like yourself and is not a second career; we utilize our deep expertise at the seed stage, strategic focus, and global networks to help build technology businesses.

We are uniquely positioned to help early-stage companies engineer strong foundations and to partner with them through every battle, charging toward successful outcomes.

We‘re hungry like you.

We need to see businesses with the potential to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars in a 5-year time horizon. That involves a world-class team, large market opportunity, and a sustainable competitive advantage. More on our interests below:

Case Studies

  • E la Carte

    “Romulus has been an incredible partner to our growth in many ways – we could not have gotten started or won the Applebee’s deal without their support. They’re a very entrepreneurial group.” – Raj Suri, CEO

    E la Carte came into being when Raj and his friends spent 30 minutes splitting a check at dinner. Frustrated and convinced he could create something better, Raj partnered with Romulus, dropped out of MIT, and set out to improve the casual dining experience. We spent months practically living at The Asgard Irish Pub, learning about the pain points in the industry and building a superior product that would make dining more enjoyable and efficient for restaurants and patrons alike. Fast-forward through Y-Combinator, a Series A with Lightspeed, a Series B with Intel, and an historic nationwide deal with Applebee’s to deploy 100,000 tablets, and the company is on track to disrupt a very traditional, multibillion dollar industry.

  • Placester

    “It was clear to me from the first time I met Romulus that I had met a partner. More then just an investor, they had a desire to build our kind of company and shared our vision for building a big business. They had the same strategic vision, a relentless focus on execution, and an extensive base of experience. In short, they were a perfect fit for our culture. Together, we’ve set this ship on an exciting course.” – Matt Barba, CEO

    Matt was working his way through college as a real estate agent when he realized the industry was broken in several ways. Armed with personal experience and a vision for improvement, he co-founded Placester, joined Techstars, and partnered with Romulus. Romulus has worked closely with Placester to navigate an industry just waking up to the impact of technology. Today, Placester is the largest provider of real estate websites in the country and has signed a nationwide deal with a top 5 media company to deploy its platform to millions of buyers, renters, and sellers in all major markets. This is just the beginning of an ambitious partnership.

  • Disruptor Beam

    “I really wanted to work with a partner, not an investor. Someone who would help us build our business, keep us honest, be creative about the opportunity, have the same fire that we have every day. I’ve worked with many firms in the past, but Romulus stands out.” – Jon Radoff, CEO

    Disruptor Beam was the idea of a pioneer in narrative social gaming who had IPOed his previous startup. Jon partnered with Romulus to disrupt a troubled industry soon after we brought him his first engineer. The company procured an exclusive license from HBO to produce the social game for Game of Thrones and it was a huge success. Romulus was closely involved in product analytics/management during the game development process. Armed with a pipeline of other top-tier media licenses, the company is building a new genre of midcore social gaming.


    “We had a world-class technology and team, but creating a successful business requires so much more. Romulus believed in us in the earliest days and helped us put missing pieces together. They’re good people, and they think like a startup because they were one.” – Anmol Madan, CEO spun out of Anmol’s PhD research at the MIT Media Lab. By applying machine learning to mobile sensor data, the company builds a ‘check-engine light’ for a person’s behavior and health. Romulus was the first partner to and worked on the B2B vs B2C strategy, its early customers, and team-building. Since then, the company has raised additional financing from Techstars, True Ventures and Khosla Ventures. is one of the leading population management solutions across the country, used by 20+ hospital systems and healthcare institutions. The company is considered a pioneering leader in mobile data analytics for healthcare, and was listed a one of 50 CNBC Distruptors in 2013.



Neil Chheda,

Co-founder and General Partner

Neil is a partner at Romulus Capital. As a former product manager and entrepreneur, Neil loves partnering with entrepreneurs to build teams and products at the earliest stages of a business.

Prior to Romulus, Neil was a product manager at Zynga, where spent most of his time building products for Farmville which have since reached hundreds of millions of users. He also spent time at McKinsey and founded a healthcare company that provides innovative anesthesiology service solutions. Neil is an avid scuba diver and private pilot, but when he’s on the ground, he focuses on investments in internet, mobile, and healthcare companies.

Neil received an A.B. in Political Science from Yale University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Krishna K. Gupta,

Founder and General Partner

Krishna founded Romulus Capital while an undergrad with the intent of building technology businesses out of the MIT and Harvard ecosystems. Over the years he has worked across many industries, leading Romulus to regularly be the first institutional partner of seed-stage companies. He particularly enjoys partnering with companies with a B2B angle and innovative technology or science at the core of their value proposition.

Prior to Romulus, Krishna spent time at McKinsey & Company and JPMorgan, where he helped execute billion-dollar M&A deals in technology, media, and telecom. He has also conducted physical chemistry research at the University of Chicago and the Weizmann Institute in Israel, produced a film on ancient history in England used at Oxford and Cambridge, adventured in conflict zones in India, and competed at the USA Mathematics Olympiad. He’s a keen sports fan (football, basketball, tennis, and cricket), is a student of political and military history, and finds the arts a great way to relax and discover.

Krishna received SB degrees in Materials Science and Engineering and Management Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is a graduate of Phillips Academy Andover.

Eric Wei,


Eric joined Romulus in the summer of 2016 and focuses on sourcing investments and conducting due diligence. He graduated from Harvard College, where he studied economics and psychology, in 2014.

Prior to Romulus, Eric spent time working in investment banking at the Blackstone Group, business development at pymetrics, and product and strategy at Gust. Most recently, Eric was a business analyst at McKinsey & Company, where he focused primarily on tech and consumer packaged goods.

As an undergraduate, Eric was selected as a Harvard Innovation Lab Resident and was a semi-finalist in Harvard’s i3 Innovation Challenge. In 2013, he won the Best Overall Hack Award at the MIT Hacking Arts competition.

Tewfik Cassis,


Tewfik rejoined Romulus in 2013 as our on-campus associate for Harvard Business School where he is currently pursuing his MBA. Tewfik had previously been part of the founding team of Romulus and served as an associate from 2008 – 2010.

Most recently, Tewfik served as Head of Business Development for Roominate, an educational toy company based in Palo Alto, aimed at closing the gender gap in STEM fields. Prior to that he worked for McKinsey’s Dubai office as a Business Analyst, focusing on Telecommunications, Marketing and Sales projects. He also worked for Etisalat Misr to build out their digital marketing platform.

Tewfik received a BSc in Management Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is a graduate of the Cairo American College.

Uday Singh,


Uday joined Romulus Capital in the summer of 2013. He is interested in disruptive technology revolving around the crowd, data, operating systems, and heuristics. Uday particularly enjoys studying emerging markets and how the growth of technology factors into infrastructure development.

Uday is very involved in the start-up scene in New York, dividing his time between creating ideas and helping others develop theirs, especially as a designer. He is an active member of Columbia Venture Community, Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs, and is generally plugged into Columbia’s growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. Uday has lived in the UK, the UAE, and India, bringing with him a very global perspective.

Uday is studying Computer Science at Columbia College and was School President at Phillips Academy Andover.

William Souillard-Mandar,


William joined Romulus Capital in 2013 and has been involved in sourcing investments and working with portfolio companies. He is particularly interested in innovation in healthcare, wearable computing, and lifestyle, as well as in companies that aim to optimize established industries to improve inefficiencies.

William gathered experience working on network coding at the MIT Research Lab of Electronics, network dynamics at the MIT Media Lab, and currently at the MIT CSAIL where he is working on machine learning applications to medicine. He has worked at Oracle and in trading. Originally from France and having lived in Spain, he is also interested in the European start-up ecosystem.

William did his undergraduate studies in Mathematics and Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is now pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science there.

Mei Zuo,


Mei joined Romulus Capital in 2010 and helps portfolio companies explore a range of strategic issues such as funding, competitive positioning, and entering new markets.

At the International Monetary Fund, Mei analyzed macroeconomic risk in the Strategy, Policy, and Review Division. And recently she worked on the “Ostalgia” exhibition at the New Museum of Contemporary Art.  Leveraging her global macro experience, Mei is passionate about understanding creative capital and innovations in digital media, and she works closely with the Media Lab. She spent the first half of her life in Mexico.

Mei is studying Comparative Media Studies and Management at MIT.

Rayyan Islam,


Rayyan joined Romulus Capital in 2014 as a campus associate in the Austin area and has been involved in sourcing investments and working with portfolio companies. He is particularly interested in innovation in consumer, software, sustainability, data, artificial intelligence and aerospace. From Austin, TX, Rayyan is passionate about helping grow the spurring Austin startup ecosystem.

Rayyan is an entrepreneur who helped take to market the world’s first electronic hookah scaling it to global distribution and nearly $10M in annual revenue in just two years while in college. He’s also a co-founder of a stealth artificial intelligence startup. Previously, Rayyan spent time at Deloitte doing strategy consulting in their emerging markets practice as well as with Lazard and Deloitte Corporate Finance doing middle market investment banking. Rayyan moved into venture capital to help other entrepreneurs build disruptive valuable companies at the early stage, first working with Wasabi Ventures as an analyst and more recently as a venture fellow with 406 Ventures. In his free time, Rayyan enjoys adventure sports, soccer, speaking engagements at tech conferences like SXSW and is currently working on getting his private pilot’s license. Rayyan loves to write and maintains an active blog with his work featured on the Huffington Post, Business Insider, AlleyWatch, Elite Daily and more.

Rayyan is studying Economics at Baylor University.

Angela Zhang,


Angela joined Romulus Capital in 2012. Her main areas of interests include consumer Internet, mobile applications, and energy. With her technical and business background, she helps identify investment opportunities and works closely with companies in the portfolio.

Angela has extensive experience working for a well-funded Boston-based startup and is co-founding an Android App startup aimed at improving the experience of going to restaurants with friends. As an undergraduate researcher at the MIT Media Lab, she works to create a virtual platform that will help people interview better. In addition, she is actively involved in many organizations on campus, including the Sloan Business Club, Solar Electric Vehicle Team, and the Energy Conference Organizing Team. She has spent the majority of her life in China.

Angela is studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Anuv Ratan,


Anuv joined Romulus Capital in 2012 where he works extensively to source investments, perform due-diligence, and work alongside portfolio companies on business and tech decisions. He is particularly interested in start-ups that try to optimize online user experiences, be it in retail or gaming. He enjoys seeing and contributing to startups’ journey from idea to company.

His background with business development and outreach at The Blackstone Group, business consulting at The Illuminate Consulting Group, and web consulting at his own company Com.Pass enable him to bring an entrepreneurial perspective to the table. He spent the first half of his life in the Netherlands.

Anuv is studying Computer Science and Neurobiology at Harvard College.

Andrew Liu,


Andrew joined Romulus Capital in 2012 and hails from Palo Alto, bringing a Valley-borne perspective to sourcing businesses and impacting portfolio companies. He is interested in innovative business and technology solutions to chronic inefficiencies and in lagging industries, as well as startups solving problems in big data and recommendation, healthcare IT, and education.

Andrew built his experience in machine learning through the Netflix Prize, DNA sequencing at Halcyon Molecular, finance at Jump Trading, and genomics as a finalist in the Intel Science Talent Search and bioinformatician at Stanford. He enjoys fostering the Harvard startup community as a board member of Hack Harvard, Harvard College Venture Partners, and the Harvard College Entrepreneurship Forum. Beyond these pursuits, he seeks to share ideas and visions for the world with others, whether as a TEDx speaker or in daily conversations with his peers and mentors on both coasts.

Andrew is studying Mathematics and Computer Science at Harvard College.

Sebastian Leon,


Sebastián joined Romulus Capital in 2012 and has been involved in sourcing investments and conducting due diligence. He is fascinated by innovation in the mobile and big data space, and has a keen interest startup activity abroad and bringing ideas to new markets.

Sebastián’s experience includes working with virality and product management at Brazil’s Peixe Urbano, marketing and social media at NYC’s Collectrium, and software development at the MIT Media Lab. Keen to talk about disruptive ideas over a cup of coffee, he thoroughly enjoys meeting other entrepreneurs. Originally from Ecuador, growing up in three different continents has given him a global perspective on discovering fresh opportunities.

Sebastián is studying Electrical Engineering/Computer Science and Management Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Molly Donovan,

Chief Communications Officer

Molly is the Chief Communications Officer at Romulus Capital. Passionate about the intersection of writing and business strategy, she is interested in working with Romulus constituents to enhance communications with entrepreneurs and investors. Prior to joining Romulus in 2016, Molly was the Director of Marketing and Communications at Carney, Sandoe & Associates, an educational recruitment and placement firm.

Molly spent a year authoring a weekly column for The Daily Muse, where she was also an associate editor. She has worked at The National Journal, Mullen Advertising, the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Let’s Go Travel Guides, and Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom. She also writes stories about entrepreneurial girls for Girls & Co., a new line of dolls for smart, ambitious children.

Molly holds a B.A. in English and American Literature and Language from Harvard College.

Joël Ornstein,

Chairman of the Board

Joel has extensive experience advising world-class private equity and venture capital firms and managers. Born in France and having started his career in financial services on both sides of the Atlantic, Joel stepped into alternative investments in 1989 when he established Majorn Corp., as a joint venture partner of The Carlyle Group and France-based Euris-Rallye group. He was instrumental in Carlyle’s early growth, working closely with the firm’s founders; indeed, he was an investment advisory committee member with Carlyle I, II, and III. He then embarked on a 25-year multi-billion dollar deployment program of seed, fund, and direct corporate investments covering hundreds of emerging asset managers in the US, Europe, and globally. Joel holds post-graduate degrees from ESCP Europe, City University London, University of Dusseldorf, and MIT Sloan School of Management. He sits on several MIT Sloan boards.

Careers at Romulus and our Portfolio Companies

We are always looking for exceptional talent to join us or our companies. Please look through available openings here and feel free to reach out.

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Open Positions

East Coast Associate at Romulus Capital

Romulus Capital is seeking a full-time Associate as it closes its latest fund focused on partnering with early-stage technology businesses in the US. Founded at MIT in 2008, Romulus has raised ~$150M from a global set of investors (including the Chairman of MIT and 3 royal families) and built a diverse, high-performing portfolio across several verticals. The Managing Partners were named to the Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2015. We expect the individual to be based in Boston ideally (although New York is potentially feasible) and lead all sourcing and diligence activities.

Learn More

Cogito • Client Development Director

A dynamic Client Development Director (CDD) who will be responsible for developing successful partnerships with leading organizations committed to improving the customer experience through our novel behavioral analytics technology. The CDD is responsible for creating strategic account plans, and managing and successfully executing against sales campaigns, coordinating internal resources necessary for a successful sale, and generating new leads for the sales pipeline.  In addition, the CDD shares responsibility with the Client Success team to ensure that our clients achieve highly successful outcomes in measuring and improving their customer and employee engagement, thereby improving their sales and reducing both customer and agent churn.

Learn More

Cogito • Client Services - Senior Project Manager

A Senior Project Manager with a strong background in advising and guiding enterprise customers to continually derive business value from cutting-edge software solutions. The ideal candidate is highly motivated and learns quickly, has great communication skills, is organized with a passion for unlocking client value through disruptive technology and organizational change, and seeks career-enhancing experience in a collaborative startup environment.

Learn More

Cogito • Customer Success Consultant

A Customer Success Consultant with a strong background in working with clients and large data sets to fill a high impact position. The ideal candidate is highly motivated and learns quickly, has sharp analytical skills, is intellectually curious with a passion for unlocking client value, and seeks to gain exciting and career-enhancing experience in a collaborative startup environment…

Learn More

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For the modern entrepreneur whose insight and ambition are imperial in nature, Romulus is truly a unique seed-stage partner. Regardless of which industry you dream about, we would love to offer you our thoughts. If you have an idea for a business we’d like to hear from you.
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