Romulus helps build the next great businesses from the ground up

Romulus Capital is an early stage VC fund founded out of MIT in 2008 with an emphasis on building, not betting on, technology and science-enabled companies. Our entrepreneurial genesis as a scrappy dorm room startup keeps us hungry, hands-on, and resonates with startups looking for a true partner in their business. We mainly focus on leading Seed & Series A rounds for B2B companies within two categories:

  • Companies selling technology to solve real problems in large traditional industries (e.g., agriculture, construction, energy, retail, real estate).
  • Deep technology companies that have spun out of top-tier research groups (e.g., MIT, Harvard, Cambridge, Stanford, SRI, Draper).

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What We Believe

We believe in audacity, creativity, and authenticity–in our work, in our investments, and in our relationships. We take an engineering-minded approach to crafting the future–testing and measuring, revising and refining rather than betting and hoping. We focus on execution, achieving efficient, accelerated outcomes. We are global in our worldview, seeking farther than the eye can see and learning from diverse experiences and perspectives.
Above all, we value authentic, fruitful relationships, and we seek to be and to treasure good people.

How We Invest

We are attracted to businesses with world-class teams, large market opportunities, and a sustainable competitive advantage. When selecting companies, we focus on tech-enabled businesses with the potential to impact large, traditional verticals and companies employing deep research-based technologies.


We lead early-stage (seed and Series A) rounds and often make follow-on investments at the Series B level and beyond.


We invest from $100K-$1M at the seed stage and can scale to investments of $5M+ over time.


We look for B2B companies leveraging technology and science in creative ways across verticals.


We invest mostly in businesses across the US and sometimes overseas (e.g., in India, the UK, etc.).

Lead or Follow

We typically lead, rather than following, as we are independent investors who follow our own conviction.